Welcome to Artisan Society

Artisan Society - business support specifically designed by creatives for creatives. Both of our founders have their own creative businesses which they grew to be sustainable businesses: Woven by Society and Sarah Munnings Jewellery.

We understand the challenges of a creative business, and have proven tools and strategies to support you in our resources section - as well as connections to like minded businesses who retail handmade Australian products.

In 2022 this support is being extended to all creatives - whether you run your own small business, run a gallery, collective store or craft store, we are here to connect you to others who are walking the same path as you, creating space to meet others, and providing business support and coaching.



We have one annual membership of $65 to support all our artisans, with additional opportunities available throughout the year - including pop up store space, and exhibitions.


A message from our founders


You have had a hard few years working through some of the toughest conditions, and we want to celebrate you and your work. We both run our own creative businesses and know how much of our own heart and soul we put into creating. When you reach the moment when you breathe life into an idea and bravely release it to the world you need people standing with you, supporting you and cheering you on. That is why Artisan Society exists – to support and empower you on your journey, to share ideas and information and to provide that feeling of togetherness we all need to thrive.